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Returns and Complaints

Entitlement to withdraw from the agreement.


1 You have a right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days without giving an reason. The period to withdraw from the

agreement expires after 14 days, counting from the day you came into possession of the Items, or the third person other than a carrier

and indicated by You came into possession of the Items.

2 In order to use the right to withdraw from the agreement, You need to inform the company PPHU OLMA Marcin Michalski (ul. Słowackiego 51, 40 –

093 Katowice, e-mail: mat@matshop.pl, tel 512552467) of Your decision to withdraw from the agreement by a unambiguous

statement (a letter send by a post, fax or e-mail). You are able to use the form of withdrawing from the agreement, however it is not


3 In order to maintain period of withdrawing from the agreement, it is enough, to send the information regarding the execution of

Your right to withdraw from the agreement, before the period of withdrawing from the agreement.

4 In case of withdrawing from the agreement we are returning You all the payments received from You, including the costs of

delivering the Goods (except for the additional costs resulted from the chosen by You the method of payment, other than ordinary

preferred by us way of delivery), immediately, and in any case no longer than 14 days from the day, which we have been informed

about Your decision of executing the right to withdraw from the agreement. The return of the payment will be carry out using the same

method of payment, which had been used in the original transaction, unless You have clearly agreed for different solution; in each

case You will not bear any costs regarding this return. We are able to withhold the return of the payment until the receiving the Items,

or until delivering the proof of sending back the Items. Depending on, which event occurs earlier.

5 Please send or pass us the Items promptly, however no longer than 14 days from the day, in which You have informed us about

the withdraw from the agreement. The Period is retained if the Items will be send before 14 days pass.

6 We would like to inform, that You will have to bear the direct costs of returning the Items.

7 You are responsible only for decrease of Item’s value resulting from using it in other way than it was necessary to state the

character, trait, and function of the Item.

8. The returns please send to the following address:


MATSHOP Katowice

Slowackiego 51

40 – 093 Katowice

With notation “Return”



PPHU OLMA Marcin Michalski as the seller is responsible towards the Client who is a Customer by means of art. 22 [1] of Civic Code, arising from

the warranty in the scope specified in the Civil Code.

2. the Claims, which result out of the breach of the Client’s rights guaranteed by law, or based on herby Terms of Use, should be

sent to e-mail address: mat@matshop.pl. Matshop commits itself to consider each claim within 14 days, and if that would not be

possible, to inform within this period the Client, when the Claim will be considered.

3. PPHU OLMA Marcin Michalski is not a producer of the Items. The producer bears the responsibility arising from the guarantee of the sold Items on

the conditions or by the period indicated on the warrantee card. If the warrantee document provides such possibility, the Client may

submit their claim with the guarantee directly to the authorised service, which address is written on the warrantee card.